Thursday, October 28, 2010


im selling a cancan hat! 

this absolutely adorable piece is great for our all year round sunny malaysian climate! 

ideal for strolls along the beach, walks in the park, getting around town, or simply just being worn as is!

perfect for keeping the harsh rays of the sun off our faces, yet chic enough to be a fashion statement, what are you waiting for?


diameter - 7 inches across
BRAND NEW (only worn for less than 2 hours after purchase)

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a basic belt to wrap up your look. its adjustable too!

dark brown
worn once
material - good quality faux leather


look look!

get this with its topshop vibe,totally irresistable! love its sweetheart neckline and adorable quirky flared skirt! 
its straps are adjustable too :)

zipper's concealed at the side.

and did i mention the awesome bowback design everyone has been going crazy over lately?

this is a piece i totally love too! too bad it doesnt suit me 
but the good news is that im letting it go to all you lucky girls out there!

worn once
material - VERY good quality polyester cotton
colour - navy with white polka dots